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Boat Reviews By AIM Marine Group

Grand Banks 38 Eastbay EX

Bill and Nancy Webster have spent a lifetime boating together, dividing the duties and sharing the work and the pleasure... more

Contender 31

For a guy with a passion for fishing, it’s like living next door to heaven. Dr. Howard Khani has a house in Pompano Be... more

Ocean 48 Super Sport

After taking a close look at an Ocean 48 Super Sport, it’s easy to understand why more than 400 were built.... more

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Boat Buying Tips By Jason Y. Wood

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Buying and Selling Boats By Jason Y. Wood

Miami Questions

By Jason Y. Wood

If you're headed for Yachts Miami Beach, the Miami International Boat Show, or Strictly Sail Miami or any combination of... more

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New Boat Buyers Guide By AIM Marine Group


The Perfect Angle

Garlington built this gorgeous 49-footer with every amenity the owner requested, and not a single thing he didn’t.... more

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