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Boat Buying Tips By Jason Y. Wood


Quick Quiz: Are You Ready to Buy a Motoryacht?

Motoryachts offer onboard space and versatility to experienced boaters who know what they're after in the yachting life. Are you up for an upgrade? Maybe our humorous quiz will help you determine if you're really ready to own a motoryacht. Answer these five questions and see how you fare. ...more


Quick Quiz: Five Questions to Motoryacht Happiness

What do you value in a motoryacht? Every boater is different, whether it’s the cruising range, the comfort level, or the boat’s appearance that sets his or her heart racing. Of course, there’s a boat for every boater. Answer these five questions and find out which motoryacht is right for you. ...more


Quick Quiz: What Kind of Sportfishing Boat Is Right for You?

If you ask us, nothing's better than wetting a line for a chance of tying into an epic battle with a great game fish. But what kind of boat is best suited to your angling pursuits. Keep in mind, sportfishing boats have become popular for reasons beyond just their fishing capabilities. So there are many factors to determine the best boat for your seagoing pursuits. Take this quiz to figure out which boat is right for you. ...more


Quick Quiz: What Kind of Boat Should You Get?

Maybe you're just about to jump into boating and want to get something that suits your needs. Or maybe you have a boat and you've discovered you aren't using it much. Consider these questions carefully, and this quiz will guide you to just the right kind of boat. At least as far as Internet quizzes about boat choices go, it could save your (boating) life. See how you do. ...more


Quick Quiz: Are You a “Good Man on a Boat?”

In the short story One Trip Across, Ernest Hemingway wrote, "Eddy was a good man on a boat once, before he got to be a rummy, but he isn't any good now." Every skipper knows what it means to have a "good man" on a boat with him, whether the shipmate is actually a man, a woman, or a precocious kid. It's just a relief to share the voyage with someone who "gets it," and can be trusted to manage tasks and lighten the load. What kind of shipmate are you? Take our 8-question quiz and find out. ...more


Quick Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Trawler-Style Boats?

Slow down and take this quiz to test your knowledge of trawler-style boats. There’s nothing quite like the combination of ridiculous range, classic, shippy lines, and a nice dose of salt to get you thinking about the far side of the world. All of the boats shown in the quiz are available for sale on right now. Test your knowledge here. ...more


Quick Quiz: Are You Down with Down East-Style Boats?

Many boaters have a fond memory of a classic blue-hulled boat in their boating past. And while the class shares many similarities, there are distinguishing features that set the brands apart and make them great boats to consider. Test your knowledge with a quick nine-boat quiz here. ...more


Quick Quiz: Do You Know Your Express Cruisers?

There’s something to be said for having a boat that’s built for fun. She’s got plenty of room to welcome all your friends on board for day cruising and offers exhilarating performance in a sleek package. Do you know your express cruisers? Take our quiz and find out now. ...more


Quick Quiz: What Kind of Boater Are You?

Some boaters are just fishermen, racing sailors, or cocktail cruisers, but most of us enjoy pursuing our chosen sport through various avenues—it’s the water that draws us and makes the difference. What category do you think best describes you? ...more


How Well Do You Know Your Boats?

Think you know your sportfishing boats, motor yachts, express cruisers, and sloops? Well prove it. It may be a little harder than you think. Take the quiz and see how you fare here. ...more

Tom Waugh

Boat Buying Tip: Be Honest

My advice to buyers is to find a good broker that you can tell your wants and your needs. That’s what I need to know if I’m going to be out there searching for boats for my clients. For instance, I have a client that wants to keep a boat in Seattle and cruise up ...more


Expert Insight: The Smart Whys of a Mechanical Survey

You’ve come to the point where it is time to reward yourself. After browsing the Internet, reading boating magazines, and talking with friends and spending time on their boats, you’ve made a decision to put an offer in on a boat. Pretty soon, you’ll need a surveyor. ...more


MyBoatQuest: Down East Dreaming Through the Financial Crisis

Think back to what you were doing before 2008, when things began to go south in the economies of the world. Boater Nick Cameron was living in New Jersey and he had decided, for all intents and purposes, to get out of boating for a while, mostly due to lack of free time. But other ...more

Peter Whiting, Northwest Yachts

Selling Tip: Survey the Boat Yourself

I recommend to sellers that they may want to invest in having a survey done on their boat prior to a buyer coming, so that they are fully aware of everything that needs to be taken care of. They have an opportunity to take care of anything that comes up, before an offer comes in ...more


Selling Tip: Look at Your Boat with Fresh Eyes

It’s just like with real estate: You wouldn’t try to sell your house if the beds weren’t made and the dishes were dirty. People have to fall in love with the boat when they get to it. You’ve got one chance to make a good first impression. And if you don’t take the opportunity to ...more


Buyers and Sellers: Use Your Broker’s Specific Knowledge

Find a qualified, well-versed broker who knows what they’re doing. I think what’s imperative is that the broker that you’re working with has some type of background in the style of manufacture of the particular boat that you’re looking at. If it’s a sailboat or other specific boat type, you really have to know what ...more

Peter Whiting, Northwest Yachts

Stick with Your Broker

A purchaser should find a broker that they can relate to and relate with, and trust, and then stick with them. Too often in today’s market somebody calls a broker, who does a lot of work, and then the buyer ends up calling a third-party broker directly. So the broker that did all the work ...more

Hatteras 40 Double Cabin survey report

We spoke to Reno Panico of Atlantic Seaboard Marine Surveyors in Chester, Maryland, and St. Petersburg, Florida, about the Hatteras 40 Double Cabin. Here’s what he had to say about this model and the challenges of surveying any boat. ...more

Sea Ray 390 survey report

Power & Motoryacht spoke to John Russell of Marine Specialists in Winthrop Harbor, Illinois, about the Sea Ray 390 Express Cruiser. (Full disclosure: Russell owns a Sea Ray 390 Sportfisher.) Here’s what he told us. ...more

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