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Boat Buying Tip: Condition Counts


Cory Webster, Galati Yacht Sales

Buy a boat that is in as good a condition as possible when you start and you’ll have less “refurb” time after you get it.

If you find one where everything’s been done and it’s been well kept, you can start enjoying it—and maintaining it. Your project list will be shorter.

Also—and all brokers will say this—survey, survey, survey, survey. Survey the whole boat. Survey the engines make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into. That’s a good rule of thumb. You have two different kinds of buyer: If you’re a guy who’s on his fifth old Hatteras and you’ve redone several other boats, that’s less important because you know what you’re getting into.

But what we’re seeing is newer boat owners looking at something larger and older that’s priced to be appealing and they’re saying, Hey I’m getting a lot of boat for the money. And it’s those guys who I recommend spending a little more up front to get the right boat. You will find a lot of people are attracted by the price and they don’t understand what all is involved in buying and maintaining an older vessel. Just because you get a 70-foot boat at a heck of a deal, you’re still going to have a 70-foot boat maintenance bill at the end of the day. It’s important you know that, when you’re getting into the process.

Galati Yacht Sales

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