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Center Consoles

They may be loaded with family-friendly features, but many open boats are still fish chasers at heart. Fifteen years ago magazine articles routinely referred to center consoles as “hard-core fishing machines”—overbuilt open boats with a couple of pedestal helm chairs or a leaning post, rod holders, a livewell, fishboxes, and...

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The relaxation of a cruise is very nice. Picture your family lounging in the cockpit in a secluded anchorage on a warm summer afternoon—perhaps you’re dozing between paragraphs of a book you’ve long wanted to read. The reason you’re so able to relax? Chances are your boat was built to...

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Down East

The Down East express cruiser is anything but a converted lobster boat. Sure they have a traditional, classic profile, but these boats are built with modern materials and methods—resin infusion, cored decks and hulls - and are powered with the latest propulsion systems, including pod drives, and joystick controls. Simple...

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Express Cruisers

Looking for a boat that can do just about everything? Look no further than these fun, versatile cruisers. A boat can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but for many, boating mainly means family fun. Load up the kids, grab the wife, strap a...

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Long Distance Cruisers

When baby boomers wanting to have distance-cruising adventures began to take to the water in earnest four decades ago, the popular notion was that seaworthy, efficient trawlers and sailboats were the only place to look for a proper voyaging boat. These days, well-found power vessels have come to the fore,...

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What cruiser wouldn’t ask for more if they thought they could get it? A secluded anchorage could become a secluded anchorage all to yourself. A long offshore cruise would be a long offshore cruise with fair winds and current. And a motoryacht could be a spacious, efficient, speedy motoryacht. Thanks...

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One of the most underrated things about the nautical life is the chance to find some utter peace. Alone in a secluded cove, or on the graveyard watch during a long voyage, boats can offer respite from an increasingly busy world. That’s where passagemakers come in. No type of boat...

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Whether you're looking to do an overnight in the canyons or just cruise around the bay, a good convertible has got you covered. They're unbeatable for their fishability, and these days, nearly just as notable for their creature comforts. This is the kinds of boat you'll need if you want...

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