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Cobia 344 CC


With an abundance of comfortable seating and stowage, round up the family for a day of boating, and head offshore armed with twin livewells, outriggers, and rod stowage galore.

The 344 CC, the Maverick Boat Company’s (MBC) new Cobia flagship, has it all—seating, weather protection, and an honorable list of standard fishing features with the ability to outfit her like a tournament-ready craft. You get all this for a price that’s considerably less than competing models of the same size and purpose.

Starting at the stern, you can flip down a transom bench seat that can hold three adults. This seat pulls out and folds away in a snap. MBC has built a large hatch into the stern console. The bench seat—mounted to this hatch—opens and closes under power, giving you bilge access. Moving forward, the bow holds U-shaped seating with dry stowage. Forward-facing backrests can be inserted in the port and starboard bow sides. The bow table, when not in use, can lower under electric power and become flush with the sole. Our test boat was equipped with MBC’s “Expedition Cooler”—an immense half moon-shaped insulated unit that teams with the console forward seat to create a chaise longue. The console houses the head and a two-person berth that extends forward. Under the bunk I found racked rod stowage. Nice. I climbed in and out of the console easily but a means of holding the door open is needed. It’s a bit frustrating to have the console door banging against you at sea when moving gear in and out of the console.

Cobia 344 CC runningcc

The boat is built with proven and reliable materials and methods. MBC uses proprietary engineered fabrics that include biaxial and triaxial combinations to build the Cobia 344 CC. The hull and deck are mechanically bonded—fasteners at the hull and deck joint—and chemically bonded at the joint with 3M 5200 and putty on the top of the stringers and at the transom. MBC bonds the core-filled, fiberglass-encapsulated stringer grid to the hull. Coring—a thermal plastic foam—is also used in the hull bottom, sides, decks, and hardtop.

The boat rides on a deep-V double-stepped hull. She can be powered with twin 350s or triple 300s. I tested the 344 CC with the latter. I needed to lower the trim tabs about halfway to push down the bow and maintain a view of the horizon when I punched the throttles while seated. With no tabs and the engines tucked in, the bow rose for two seconds blocking my view ahead. The steering systems of today allow you to adjust response by setting the number of turns from lock to lock. I prefer about three turns during slow-speed driving and five running hard in the open ocean. The boat got up on plane with just the port and center engines as well as just the starboard and center. In fact, it pushed the boat to a top end of 41 mph—a fast “get home” power if an engine goes out of service. The boat corners well for a large center console, I whipped her into some 35- to 40-mph port turns and she carved out a doughnut in the 2-foot chop. Turning to starboard, the stern never came unglued but her starboard quarter did not stick as well.

For such a large boat with 900 horses, the 344 produced some (relatively) impressive fuel efficiency, getting about 1 mile to the gallon at 40 mph. The boat chomps through a 2- to 3-foot chop, and the spacious deck can hold five crew with room to spare.

Bottom line: If you want a big center console for fishing and family fun at a high-value price consider the 344 CC.

Cobia Boats, 772-465-0631,

  • : 34'4
  • : 11'2
  • : 2'0
  • : 8,600 lb. (dry weight)
  • : 3/300-hp Yamaha F300s
  • : $219,299 with 2/Yamaha F350s; $250,294 with 3/Yamaha 300s
  • : $268,700 with 3/Yamaha F300s
  • : 15¾ x 23
RPM Knots GPH Range db(A)
2000 10.1 12.8 227 79
2500 17.5 17.2 293 83
3000 27.2 21.4 366 84.5
3500 32.5 27.3 343 86
4000 37.8 37.0 294 87.5
4500 43.2 47.3 263 89
5000 48.8 64.1 219 90.5
5500 53.8 77.0 201 93
5900 57.0 79.0 207 95
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