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Everglades 435 CC


Few would dispute that Bob Dougherty, who was Boston Whaler’s chief engineer for 30 years, is an icon in the world of small fishing boats. But they might have trouble explaining his latest creation, the Everglades 435 CC, a four-outboard fishboat with a true deep-V hull and a top speed of more than 50 knots.

If you look closely at the 435 you can see the influence of his Whaler experience. It, too, is unsinkable because the voids between its liner and hull below the deck line are filled with closed-cell foam. But while the mechanism may sound familiar, the process is not. Instead of injecting foam into the voids after the hull and deck are assembled, Everglades creates foam sections outside of the boat in molds that match the contours of the hull. It then sprays them with a combination of chopped strand and resin and bonds them into the hull, after which the liner is installed. It calls the process RAMCAP, and since the foam extends only to about the chine, the large amount of empty space in the hull sides is available for stowage. Four hatches along either side provide ready access to compartments that are ideal for things that need to be readily at hand, like PFDs and mooring gear. Farther aft, elongated hatches on either side open to reveal rod stowage as well as the shore-power hook-ups.

A 225-gallon forward fishbox, two 60-gallon illuminated livewells and a 45-gallon aft bait freezer, plus a dedicated bait-prep station with 10 tackle drawers and an under-gunwale leader locker mean that everything you bring aboard will have a place. That includes rods: Adding what’s available in the side lockers to the holders built into the standard hardtop (crafted in-house), there’s home for 40 of them. If you can’t find a locker for something, you can always stow it in the roomy console cabin, with its V-berth, TV, shower, vanity, and A/C. The 435 is designed so that everything you need except for ice and drinks can be kept onboard, securely stowed.

Those smaller Whalers often left you exposed to the elements, but the 435’s standard hardtop/tower makes sure that won’t happen. It does a fine job of providing shade and shelter, and if you want more, you can electrically extend the optional aft cockpit shade and enjoy a cool respite even as you sit and watch the baits.

With 25 degrees of deadrise at the transom and an average overall deadrise of 41 degrees, big, choppy seas pose no challenge to this hull, even in deteriorated conditions like those we had on test day. How good is the ride? Smooth enough that I was able to legibly write down my test results at 58 mph, despite the 20-knot gusts and steep chop. The RAMCAP construction process also creates a sensation familiar to anyone who’s spent time on a Boston Whaler: that feeling of solidity and integrity. When you hit a wave you never hear a rattle or squeak, just a reassuring thump. And that’s at some pretty impressive speeds, whether you go with the standard quad 300-horsepower Yamaha outboards or the optional 350-horsepower Yamahas, as on our boat. In addition to the 58.1 mph top speed, the 435 can still make nearly 29 mph with the engines loafing at 3500 rpm, while burning a relatively modest 39.9 gph. That will get you a range of 370 miles from the 570-gallon fuel capacity.

So what’s the commonality between those early Whalers and the Everglades 435? Safety, solidity, and seaworthiness, three things that are valuable to have in any boat, no matter what the size.

Everglades Boats, 877-902-6287;

  • : 45'0
  • : 12'0
  • : 3'2
  • : 570 gal.
  • : 4/350-hp Yamaha four-stroke outboards
  • : 4/300-hp Yamaha four-stroke outboards
  • : $790,881
  • : 4/350-hp Yamaha four-stroke outboards
  • : Yamaha, 1.70:1 gear ratio
  • : Yamaha 15 x 19 3-blade stainless steel
  • : 30 gal.
RPM Knots GPH Range db(A)
1000 6.0 407 62
1500 7.7 340 66
2000 7.7 196 72
2500 14.7 278 75
3000 17.9 241 80
3500 25.0 322 83
4000 32.3 305 85
4500 38.3 293 88
5000 42.5 279 90
5500 47.2 229 91
6000 50.5 193 93
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