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Numarine 70 Hardtop


Omer Malaz is a passionate yachtsman building boats that he himself wants to use, boats that reap the benefit of every experience he’s had on the water since his first one at the age of six. His passion and building expertise are exactly what makes the new 70 Hardtop a special boat.

The 70 is built—as are all Numarine models—using vacuum infusion with unidirectional and multiaxial E-glass with vinylester resin and PVC closed-cell foam in the bulkheads. Carbon-fiber caps are used on all the longitudinals, and additional carbon and aramid fibers are used throughout the 70’s structure for reinforcement. All the components of the hull and deck are then post-cured, and try as I might, I could not find a blemish or print-through on even older, darker-color Numarine models moored next to the new 70.

To keep the weight in check, interior cabinetry is built around honeycomb coring. While talking about the layup and resin- infusion process, Malaz claims they are achieving the optimal strength-to-weight ratio with a 60 percent glass-to-resin ratio.


We achieved a top speed of 31.3 knots with the twin 1,150-horsepower Caterpillar C18 ACERTs. At this speed, there is no creaking or moaning from joinery or bulkheads. Nothing. Yes, all boats will work a little bit, but the 70 feels as solid as a slab of marble. At 2000 rpm we measured a high cruising speed of 26 knots, while burning a total of 94 gallons per hour. At 1800 rpm we settled in at 21.5 knots while burning a total of 76 gallons per hour.
At the helm, adjustments are made with my fingertips, and the ride throughout the curve is comfortable and quiet. There is one integral fuel tank close to the centerline. I avoid using the tabs until I’ve gathered my performance numbers, and begin to come off plane at speeds in the low teens. Throughout the curve, water breaks cleanly at about amidships and flies far to the sides.

The large sunroof overhead brings in the air and sun. If this were my boat, I would gravitate to the dinette to port of the helm. Not only does it offer additional friends and family a perch to enjoy the scenery while underway, it’s a natural nav area for longer cruises. During my test, there were two 70 Hardtops side by side, each built to suit the owners’ requirements. While some builders in this larger express category offer only a choice of hardwoods and soft-goods options, Numarine is willing to fully customize a boat. The only limiting factor is structural bulkheads. Customization is easy for Numarine to manage since it builds almost every component in-house, with a glass shop, a metal shop, a CNC waterjet to cut stainless steel up to 30mm thick, and even a very costly 5-axis milling machine. The 70’s fit and finish is very well executed. One of our test boats features a down-galley and three staterooms; the other has a galley up and an additional stateroom on the port side. Both versions have well-appointed crew’s quarters abaft the engine room, which could be swapped out for a tender garage. A head is perfectly located aft to serve bathers and watersports fans taking advantage of the large swim platform. There are a couple of details that would be nice to see added to the 70—little things like drink holders, outlets for phones, tablets, and all the other stuff we really ought to leave on the dock. These “gee-whiz items” that many builders now incorporate are welcome touches on a solid build like the 70 even though they’re pretty silly when used as they often are, to add sizzle to a Salisbury steak.

Sound construction, solid performance, and a top-notch builder create a 70-footer that really stands out from the crowd.

Numarine, U.S. Sales Manager Parker Stair, 865-599-9791;

  • : 70'10
  • : 17'10
  • : 5'3
  • : 71,161 lb. (light ship)
  • : 989 gal.
  • : 219 gal.
  • : 2/1,150-hp Caterpillar C18 ACERT diesels
  • : 2/1,000-hp MAN V8-1000 diesels
  • : Approximately $3,172,100 (FOB Istanbul. Based on exchange rate at time of publication.)
  • : 1/9.5-kW Cummins Onan, 1/23-kW Cummins Onan
  • : 2/1,200-hp MAN V8-1200 diesels
  • : ZF-500 1-IV
  • : 5-blade

*Range based on 90% of advertised fuel capacity.

RPM Knots GPH Range db(A)
1100 10.8 20.1 479 64
1400 13.4 41.2 290 67
1700 19.3 67.6 254 70
2000 26.0 94.1 246 74
2300 31.3 115.0 243 75
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