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Riviera 6000 SY


Five years ago Riviera introduced the 58 Sport Yacht, a stylish express with a tender garage, and thanks to IPS she ran well and had a spacious interior. But as tastes changed, pretty much everything except for the hull and deck needed updating. The result is the 6000 Sport Yacht.

It’s not entirely true that the 6000 has the same hull as the 58, since Riviera has added a keel that comes out of the stem and terminates roughly 6 feet forward of the pods, the idea being to improve both tracking underway and stability at anchor. Riviera once had keels on most of its boats but got away from them when it adopted pod drives. Because this one has worked out so well, expect to see them eventually reappear across the product line.

The other big change is the addition of a lot more glass. There are more and larger ports down below, especially in the aft master, and on the main deck the side windows in the saloon area are significantly larger. But what really brightens up the area are the three glass sections in the overhead. In the forward third of the cockpit there’s an enormous moon roof, and there’s another smaller one in the cockpit overhang. The galley benefits from the third one: four fixed-glass panels above that can be covered by a retractable shade.

The layout is very similar to the 58. The forward VIP, starboard guest cabin with twins, and two heads each with stall showers are all unchanged except for larger ports. But in the aft master the 58’s starboard walk-in closet is gone; it’s now fully aft and leads to the small crew’s quarters/stowage room, which has direct access to the cockpit through a hatch and to the engine room via a watertight door. (Another cockpit hatch farther aft provides secondary access to the ER.) The starboard vacancy is filled with a larger settee and vanity. The head is still along the port side but is now 20 percent longer, which means a bigger walk-in shower. A glass partition that can become opaque electrically provides privacy from the stateroom. Our test boat’s configuration is one of three available. In one of the other two the seating area becomes a bunkroom, while the Presidential Option eliminates the port settee/stateroom to give the master and head even more space.


I wasn’t able to notice the effect of the new keel on my test boat. The 6000 accelerated briskly with only moderate bow rise and tracked well, requiring very little helm input to maintain a steady course. But what really grabbed my attention was how quiet the 6000 was. Even at full throttle the IPS950s were nothing but a distant hum, and in the aft master stateroom I measured just 77 decibels at a cruising speed of 2250 rpm. And yet our sound numbers don’t tell the whole story; the quality of the sound was every bit as impressive. Effective acoustical insulation really took the edge off the engine noise. Indeed the 6000 was so quiet it never felt like the IPS950s were turning 2650 rpm and the boat was nudging 32 knots. Fuel efficiency was also good given the boat’s size and weight: 0.5 mpg at any speed below 1750 rpm.

It’s the quality of the whole package that makes the Riviera 6000 SY so impressive. Every modification the builder has made to the 58 has paid big dividends. But that’s what happens when you start out with a good design and tweak it here and there to modernize it.

Riviera, 772-210-6430;

  • : 63'4
  • : 17'8
  • : 4'5
  • : 56,800 lb.
  • : 700 gal.
  • : 211 gal.
  • : 2/725-hp Volvo Penta IPS950 pod drives
  • : 2/725-hp Volvo Penta IPS950 pod drives
  • : $2,269,428
  • : none
  • : Volvo Penta, 1.70:1 gear ratio
  • : Volvo Penta P4 propset

*Range based on 90% of advertised fuel capacity.

RPM Knots GPH Range db(A)
1000 8.0 7.6 660 65
1250 8.7 16.0 342 66
1500 10.1 25.5 287 66
1750 17.5 30.5 361 67
2000 21.6 40.5 336 67
2250 26.2 54.5 303 68
2650 31.7 72.5 275 70
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