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Express Cruisers

Looking for a boat that can do just about everything? Look no further than these fun, versatile cruisers. A boat can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but for many, boating mainly means family fun. Load up the kids, grab the wife, strap a doggie life vest on Fido, and away you go, master of your own ship. For a versatile vessel that can accommodate the whole crew, you’ve got to check out this batch of express cruisers, which are at the top of their class for fun, luxury, and performance.

Whether you want a roomy layout with the bonus of a nice turn of speed like the Princess V72, a slick, statement-maker like the Riva Virtus (shown here),or something a little bit easier to handle such as the Atlantis 38, this class of boat has it all. They’ve got enough power to give dad a thrill, enough amenities and cabin space to make mom at home, and their sizable outdoor area is perfect for the kids. Oh, and if you’re not in family mode at the moment, these boats also make for great places to entertain, since they often have social spaces indoors, aft on the cockpit, and also on the bow. And on a warm day, you won’t have any trouble filling all those spaces.

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Absolute 56 STY

The Absolute 56 STY is almost the ultimate culmination of this burgeoning trend because it actually began life as a flying-bridge boat, the spacious 56 Fly. ...more


All Eyes On Me

The Wider 42 is a one-of-a-kind boat that’s perfect for a short cruise down Key Largo way. ...more


High I.Q.

The first of a new generation of sport yachts from 31 to 58 feet, the Tiara 50 Coupe mixes modern styling with quality construction and engineering. ...more


Star Power

The Sunseeker Predator 80 combines a swoopy profile with spirited performance. ...more


The Bro Boat

No doubt about it, the Riviera 565 SUV is a versatile, macho boat built for doing just about anything her owners can think of. ...more


Pure Allure

The Fairline Targa 62GT is a sleek and sexy cruiser with plenty of attention to design and detail. ...more


Smooth and Cool

The onboard details, exemplary ride, and casual good looks of the Belize 54 should make quite an impression. ...more


Triple Play

The Azimut 55S shows that forward-looking design can help prove the old saw that good things come in threes. ...more

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