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What cruiser wouldn’t ask for more if they thought they could get it? A secluded anchorage could become a secluded anchorage all to yourself. A long offshore cruise would be a long offshore cruise with fair winds and current. And a motoryacht could be a spacious, efficient, speedy motoryacht.

Thanks to developments in boat construction, propulsion systems, and yacht design, the motoryachts that are launching these days go a long way to scratching the cruiser’s itch. Yacht designers understand the importance of natural light and airy spaces for people to enjoy belowdecks, such as on the Absolute 72 with her huge hullside windows, and many others. By the same token they have grown more adept at concealing the rigging and machinery that keeps boaters safe and comfortable. And they’re more than just comfortable: Naval architects are creating hull shapes that slip through the water with the greatest of ease.

The art and science of boat construction today opens a world of possibilities for sturdier, lighter hulls. Strides in building techniques mean craftsmen practice their trades more comfortably and therefore do better work. One example is at Monte Carlo Yachts in Monfalcone, Italy, where interiors for the MCY 65 are constructed completely independently of the hull and deck, and then put in place as a single piece.

And then there are the latest options for engine setup. In some cases, pod propulsion is the solution, as on the Marquis 630 and others, with maneuverability that’s hard to top and a space-saving engine-room arrangement. Still others, such as Maritimo with its M58, are using conventional shafts and props, but in ways that make them more efficient than they’ve ever been. In the following pages, you may see a few motoryachts that make you stop and think, I can have more.

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