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5 Reasons an Express Cruiser May Be Your Next Boat

Why does it seem like so many boaters end up with express cruisers? Glad you asked.


  1. Take a Flying Leap of Logic

See if you can follow this reasoning: Express cruisers have one up on motoryachts in the same way they can’t touch motoryachts—the flying bridge. Flying bridges are excellent. They give you those on-water views that never fail to remind you why you’re out there. They put you up high so you can see. They have space for everyone to congregate up there—even when you find yourself alone up there because your whole crew feels like being in the shade or the air conditioned saloon or, heck, just closer to the galley. They weigh a lot, causing you to burn more fuel. They add air draft, by definition. They change a boat’s running attitude if not well-designed. Wait a second…flying bridges aren’t always all they’re cracked up to be. And many motoryachts can’t touch an express cruiser like this Riva 86 Domino (shown).


  1. Here Comes the Sun

If you drive from the lower helm—or the only helm on an express cruiser—you can take advantage of good company, great running angle, and, if you’re lucky, a massive opening sunroof, like on this Tiara 50 Coupe (shown).


  1. Use It or Lose It

How do you spend most of your time on the water? Is it long-range cruising, where you’re not happy visiting ports you’ve already seen? Do you spend days out, and back to the home slip each night? Would you love to spend time sleeping on anchor, a mooring, or in a transient slip? Irregardless, as a friend of mine from Billerica, Massachusetts, likes to say, the right boat will make all the difference. So if you have two kids and they each like to bring a friend along, make sure that you have the space for each of them to be comfortable. They don’t need a lot of space, but they need some space. Kids can camp in a saloon area with a little forethought and planning. Does your ice usage outstrip the freezer space on board? Maybe a high-end cooler or modification to a stowage locker will solve your problem. Buy the boat for how you want to use it, and you can fulfill your cruising dreams, such as a boat with cockpit space like on this Sea Ray 350 Sundancer.


  1. Hey Kid

And while we’re on the subject of kids (and even adults): One deck is safer. No ladders or stairs to get up and down. Kids can be in the cockpit, and you’re not worried because they’re right there. You know how it goes. When you first get a boat, you lay down all these rules that make sense: Junior can’t be alone on the lower deck. If he wants to go down there, someone’s got to go with him. Well after a while, you relax a bit. That’s not always good, since those rules were smart and made sense. With an express cruiser, the party can stay together. Have a blast on a boat with an aft-facing seat like this Cruisers Yachts 38 Express.


  1. All the Clichés

This is not your father’s boat. Yeah we get it. Except we don’t. I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up my dad was pretty damn cool (and actually he still is). He drives a vintage British sportscar, always looks sharp, took us sailing with him from a very young age, and he has a devastating short game. And he also instilled in me a love of the active life that translated to my own passion for British vehicles, being outdoors, and boating.

So your dad maybe had a more traditional boat when you were growing up, and you, being a rebel at heart, like the racy lines of express cruisers. Have a good look at this Beneteau 44 GT and you’ll know what we mean.

Now you know. Maybe you should begin your search here and see where it takes you.

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