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Are You Ready for the Miami Boat Shows?


I’m going to be very frank right now, but I’m looking for a little interaction: I want to hear about where you stand in your search for a new-to-you boat?

So consider this blog a request for comment. Comments won’t be public. Please send them via e-mail with the subject so I can see them easily when they come in. You could even cut and paste the questions from this blog and paste them into the e-mail with your answer. Please send them to me at

I want to know how your boat search is going. Are you headed to the Miami boat shows to see some boats?

Are you seeing what you’re after out there?

Are there a lot of boats in your price range?

Are there many choices in the kinds of boats you’re looking for?

What about new boats? Did you consider a new boat?

Are brokers and salesmen making you more comfortable with the process?

Are brokers and surveyors and finance people and insurance people doing a good job of answering your questions?

What is your number-one concern that’s slowing your boat search from becoming a boat purchase?

Or are you a broker? If you are, what’s your take on the show this year?

My wife always wonders why I pick up those evening calls that turn out to be public-interest surveys, and then stay on the phone for 20 minutes answering questions. My answer is the same one I’ll give you: Because I’m curious what they’re looking to know about, and also, how will my opinion be known and heard if I don’t tell anyone. Please be in touch. I look forward to hearing from you. Again, that e-mail address is

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