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Bluewater Beckons Three Ways

Photo by Adam Cort, Sail Magazine.

Photo by Adam Cort, Sail Magazine

If you’ve only ever been a coastal cruiser, there are plenty of reasons to head offshore. You test yourself and your boat a bit, and get out of that comfort zone that comes from staying in sight of land. After all, you can push yourself if you stay in the comfort zone. Here are three ways to do more with your boat than you ever thought possible.

From our sister publication Soundings, find some insight into how to really navigate your boat like the mariners from days of yore. That’s right, your fate is written in the stars. What you do with it is up to you. Get started with celestial navigation here.

Sail Magazine shares tips on planning your route once all the landmarks disappear beyond the horizon. If these ideas don’t get your cruising juices flowing, nothing will. Have a look at what it takes to plan your next bluewater route here.

It’s hard to beat being prepared when offshore conditions present you with certain… challenges, but that’s what PassageMaker Magazine is all about. Here’s some technical advice on figuring out how to control your speed when wind and waves have other ideas. Learn how to choose and use sea anchors and drogues here.

And in case you didn’t realize these three magazines are all a part of the AIM Marine Group along with, as well as Power & Motoryacht, Yachts International, Anglers Journal, and Soundings Trade Only—a one-stop shop for great boating information.

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