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Father’s Day Resolutions


Ah, Father’s Day, that most manly on the list of what’s quaintly come to be known as the Hallmark Holidays. Fathers, make the most of it: How will you spend your day? Everyone else should be asking that same question of the fathers in their lives, rather than expending time and energy planning all manner of activities. Since boating and family go hand in hand, especially in the minds of fathers reading this, it’s an obvious choice. And the timing of Father’s Day in June, a great time in everyone’s boating calendar, is undeniable. Spouses, it’s quite simple: Toss your best bathing suit in a tote, pack a picnic, and be ready.

  1. Work on the boat.

We all have a few little projects to manage. Why not take this day to nail one or two down? After all, you may have a bit of free labor on hand, if those kids are along expecting a boat ride and a free lunch (added benefit: We all learned an important life lesson today). Also what a pleasant surprise! The wife brought that cute new bikini to dive in and help you clean the bottom.

  1. Sit on the boat.

Breathe. Relax. Maybe read a book or a magazine. Have a drink (enjoy yourself responsibly, of course). Enjoy the company of those that came along or stop by. Maybe cook something (I find this very relaxing), or ask that something be cooked for you (even more relaxing).

  1. Use the boat.

Let’s go. There’s still plenty of time to plan a full weekend cruise, or catch up with friends, or visit the sandbar and swim. Dock and dine. Go fishing. Turn on the radar. Burn some fuel and enjoy yourself. If there’s one thing about boating, it’s that the “in-the-moment” is better than the vast majority of activities on which we spend our time and resources.

When you get down to it, we’re a pretty simple lot, we fathers. Best wishes for a Happy Father’s Day.

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