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Find the Right Brokerage Boat at the Newport Show


When you think about getting into the brokerage market early, September in the Northeast makes sense. Boats are being put away for the season, and many owners are considering the idea of making a change before spring.

Joe Dwyer, Hinckley Yacht

Joe Dwyer, Hinckley Yacht

“For brokerage boats, things are busier than normal for this time of year,” says Joe Dwyer, a broker with Hinckley Yacht. “There is unusually high demand for brokerage boats this summer compared to years past. Typically brokerage inventory sells by the end of May so the folks looking for boats have found one or they’re going to wait until the fall. This summer, the phones just kept ringing—and they’re still ringing. People are looking for brokerage inventory, and usually we find that in September when customers are looking forward to their next summer on the water. This is also the time when the boats come back to the yard for winter work. These are two primary reasons why we usually get the calls about listing and buying a Hinckley in September.”

“Brokerage inventory is down,” Dwyer says. “I’m looking at a wish list for customers interested in certain models and hopefully this fall we will be able to find newly listed examples. As September marks the beginning of boat-show season, this plays a factor on the buyer end of the brokerage market.We get e-mails from our customers: What are you bringing to the show? they ask. Are you bringing the Talaria 48? Are you bringing the Picnic Boat MKIII? Maybe they don’t want to say right away what’s on their wish list, but depending on what we bring, someone might come from far away to the show just to see what’s there.”

And at an event like the Newport International Boat Show, you have to look. You have to see for yourself. And that goes for whether you’re buying, selling, or just having a look around. Knowing what you’ll see, and who to see, is a great start.

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