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Let’s Be Thankful


It’s a pretty good set of problems we have, you and I. When you think of it, we’re spending time and resources to think about boats—we search for them, weigh their pros and cons carefully, worry about them, consider their attributes thoughtfully, think about them some more, make decisions about one, go back and forth on that decision, find another to consider, and so on, and so on.

Of course, that’s what we do, and there’s nothing wrong with it. At least it’s boats. If you can believe it, some folks do as much and more about arcane subjects such as collecting postage stamps, or hitting golf balls, or watching birds, to name a few.

So at least we’ve got our heads screwed on right. That’s one thing to be thankful for. Here’s another: Often our chosen sport and pastime brings us together with family and good friends. Folks who understand the importance of having a good time and enjoying each other’s company. Not too many years slip away, when we don’t look back upon the best memories and sum up with: “Well at least we got out on the boat.” We never do that as much as we’d like, of course, but we still feel like we’re ahead of the game.

There’s something else to remember when we appreciate what we’ve got: the boats themselves. I’m not talking about just your boat, which you may have just bought or may be trying to sell. I’m referring to all the boats out there. There’s an incredible number of boats of all shapes and sizes, varying in condition and equipment levels, and priced all over the place (and a great number and variety of them on But that, my friend, is the variety in the world that places us and our boat in the firmament. And we have a place in it, just as your buddy down at the dock with the Boston Whaler does, or that guy who chats you up from the flying bridge.

I guess that’s the whole point: You know who you are. And that’s not a small thing. So take the time today to be with family. If you can spend some time on the water, that’s great. And be thankful for who you have, and your great memories. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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