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Miami Questions


If you’re headed for Yachts Miami Beach, the Miami International Boat Show, or Strictly Sail Miami or any combination of the shows that take place this week, or even if you aren’t, you may want to get your head in the game. To that end, I’ve been thinking about what I like to get out of my experience at the boat shows, and how our collective experience (as in yours and mine) there informs our actions and those who serve the industry and on some level work to improve boating every step of the way. Being a better boater is like being a better boating journalist–a rising tide lifts all boats, to use a phrase coopted by the industry often. Here are some questions to ponder as you sit on a plane, sit in South Florida traffic, or stroll Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, looking for something new.

What do you want to get out of boating?

This may appear to be a question to shock you awake, but you know the answer already. Whether you dare to utter it aloud is the real question….

Are you looking to make an escape from your routine? Perhaps you want to supplant your routine with a whole new–and decidedly more salty–concept that may not be shared by your family.

But why is that? Do you think they wouldn’t embrace it, or are current circumstances–and the boat you have now–more the problem?

Or maybe the boat is just fine, it’s just some of the onboard equipment that’s the problem, eroding your confidence.

As you know, boat shows are a terrific way to tackle these questions head on. Look at the new boats and the selection of high-quality used boats, and get a sense of how modern designs sort out the problems all boaters face. Or how new equipment can make a big difference.

Either way, if you come armed with an understanding of the market and available inventory thanks to simple research at, you can get a sense of where you stand with your current boat. It may be time for a change and some fulfillment of your, and family’s, boating goals.

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