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Buying and Selling Boats

Larry Rutter, Rudders and Moorings Yacht Sales

Hey New Boaters, Get Started Now

*+-There’s nothing wrong with being inexperienced or new at something, and boating is no exception. Part of me is always surprised when even the crustiest old salt shows seemingly unending patience with novices on his boat. There’s a joy that everyone takes in showing someone the ropes—anyone with more than one child knows this firsthand. ...more

Chuck Royhl, Sarasota Yacht and Ship

A Captain’s Confidence

*+-When you are on your boat, you’re in charge. That’s a large part of the appeal of boating and it’s a great feeling, but with it comes great responsibility. As much as any of us like to joke that “I’ll ask the boss” when someone asks you a question you’d defer to your wife or ...more


Sea Trial and Error

*+-Ever call a broker on his or her cell phone? I do that often, and most of the time I reach them. That’s because the phone is a huge source of business—good brokers know a missed call can sometimes mean a buyer is on to the next boat. It’s also why I sometimes speak to ...more

JDunbar headshot.small

For Your Memorial Day Consideration

*+-It’s safe to say we all get wrapped up in the “money” aspect of yacht ownership at one time or another: What can I afford? Should I upgrade or stand pat? But real boaters know these decisions are secondary, mere corollaries to the real question: What should I do with my boat? Boaters are by ...more

John Jacobi, Kardinal Marine

Europe, America, and What Buyers and Sellers Need to Know

*+-The idea of the global marketplace looks great on paper—all the risk of the world is spread all over, reducing the exposure of individuals. And at what cost? The rewards are shared as well, of course. The problems arise when the inequities in the market throw the whole shindig out of balance and the participants ...more

Tucker Fallon, Bradford Marine Yacht Sales

Questions and Answers for Boat Guys

*+-Boat buyers are a courageous lot when you think about it. They spend their time hunting up boats that may fit the bill, doing exhaustive research on the market and where the price should be for the boat they seek. Then they start looking at the actual boats, and learning about what’s really out there. ...more


Things Are Picking Up. Is Your Price Dropping?

*+-If you’re selling your boat, you need to stay tuned into market conditions, regardless of how exciting everything is down at the boatyard. “The market is very robust right now but it is still price driven,” says Peter Thorsby, a broker with Prestige Yacht Sales in Norwalk, Connecticut. That basic truth doesn’t change, even when ...more


The Secret Lives of Yacht Brokers

*+-How well do you know your broker? What does he or she like to do for fun? Where does he hang out? Who are her friends? Where does he live? Does she have children or a pet? Chances are, your broker shares many of your interests. He or she probably likes boating, cruising, or fishing, ...more

Reminder: The Suncoast Boat Show in Sarasota starts on April 19.

How Would Your Broker Describe You?

*+-A broker recently told me about how his interactions with clients have changed over the years. We were talking about boat buyers and sellers and their relationships with their brokers and the broker, who shall remain nameless, got a bit ruminative. He was realistic, but a bit wistful. ...more

Need to Know: Finding a Surveyor

*+-Getting a survey done is a critical part of the boat-buying process: It’s your chance to know what’s going on with the condition of the boat in which you’re about to invest your hard-earned money. How do you find a surveyor that’s right for you? Here are three steps to the process. ...more

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