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Buying and Selling Boats


What Do Boaters Really Need?

Every boater is different. Taken all together we seagoing folk boast a wide range of dreams and aspirations, but the basics are pretty much the same. Have a look at how the Boater’s Hierarchy of Needs fits in with how you see yourself. Find the whole pyramid here. ...more


A Helm to Steer By

What do the electronics look like on the boat you’re buying? Nothing can look more dated more quickly than a helm setup. Don’t let it scare you off, however. There are clues on the dashboard that can tell you about the kind of owner you may be buying a boat from. Get the lowdown here. ...more


Three Ways to Think Differently

Some folks never stop looking for their next boat, while others can buy the boat of their dreams and just keep it forever. What kind of boater are you? And more importantly, what kind do you want to be? ...more

This Paul Mann 63 from 2001 is listed by HMY Yacht Sales.

The Shape of Things

Why does your boat run the way it does? Know the answer and you’ll be miles ahead when it comes time to buy your next boat. This is the real difference between “upgrading” and “buying a bigger boat.” See what we mean here. ...more


Question Everything

Don’t lie to yourself. Make the right choices, with the help of a good broker, and you’ll get to that point of comfort with the process and your decisions in it. Get a little food for thought as you consider your next boat here. ...more


Think Like a Buyer—and a Seller

It’s fun to think about your next boat. But what happens if you find the boat of your dreams and haven’t sold the one you own? Good question. If you have the right broker, here’s the answer. ...more

Hinckley Yachts introduced the T34R, a runabout version of its Talaria 34, at the Palm Beach International Boat Show.

Fun or No Fun

Looking out at the docks at the Palm Beach International Boat Show, I heaved a happy sigh of contentment. Like a good story or, really, any sport (I’m reminded of the major tournaments of professional golf), the boat show season has a beginning, a middle, and an end that becomes part of the rhythm of our annual lives. This show had it all and I learned something new. See what I’m talking about here. ...more


Leaps and Bounds

I don’t know about you, but when I’m out on a boat (for, or as part of my job as Deputy Editor of Power & Motoryacht, or even on my own, you know, for fun and relaxation), I’m fascinated when I come across really large recreational boats, I’m talking about the superyachts, longer than ...more

Photo by Forest Johnson.

More Money More Boats

It may not seem terribly interesting to every boat owner and boat buyer out there, but there’s a new player in the game of marine finance called LH-Finance, and it may make a difference. Read why here. ...more

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