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Buying and Selling Boats

Clute Ely, Boatworks Yacht Sales

Think Globally, Act Locally (And Do It Now!)

In these days of globalism, currencies and world markets shore each other up on an international exchange. And in a climate where the idea of manufacturing cheap plastic toys (among other things) in another hemisphere makes economic sense (thanks to oceangoing ships, keep in mind), it’s funny to think sometimes how local conditions can throw ...more

Bob Chace, Cape Yachts

Hear’s the Pitch

When people begin the process of buying a boat, they often make a mistake: They think it’s all about the boat. ...more


Understanding the Market Right Now

If you’re always in the market for your next boat (and many of us are, whether we’re on an active top-of-mind hunt or keeping a subconscious weather eye), you’re also probably taking the temperature of the market. We each do it our own way. ...more

Wayne Cannava, Gilman Yacht Sales.

Shared Passions

Maybe the title of this blog will appeal to the fans of those trashy Harlequin romance novels that may turn up on cockpit lounges and stateroom nightstands throughout the boating world … but if it can help those readers have a better boat-buying experience on the way to their next boat then so be it. ...more

The Owens 28.4 awaits a new owner at dockside.

Classic Boat Crusade, Part I: 1969 Owens 28.4

I enjoy looking at shiny new yachts as much as the next boat nut. I often ogle the Viking on the homepage and fantasize about fishing her off Bimini, and chasing the horizon aboard that Offshore. ...more


Selling points

You own your boat. Problem is, you want to own another one. But you don’t want to own two boats. It’s time to sell. ...more

Photo by Forest Johnson.

Make Your Panama Plan

The Panama International Boat Show runs from May 29 to May 31 at the Flamenco Marina on Flamenco Island in Panama. ...more

Was a homemade pet rock an improvement on the idea?

R.I.P. Selling the Wrong Way

Rest in peace Gary Dahl, who passed away last week at the age of 78. Not exactly a household name, Mr. Dahl was hailed in his day (the mid-1970s) as a marketing genius. You see, he was the guy who came up with the Pet Rock, and made a fortune from it. ...more


EXPERT INSIGHT: The Smart Whys of a Mechanical Survey

You’ve come to the point where it is time to reward yourself. After browsing the Internet, reading boating magazines, and talking with friends and spending time on their boats, you’ve made a decision to put an offer in on a boat. Pretty soon, you’ll need a surveyor. ...more

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