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Are You Ready for the Miami Boat Shows?

We’re gearing up for the Miami Boat Shows. What about you? Yes, you, the one with the ongoing boat search (or the broker with several), I’m writing to you. Have a look at a few questions and be in touch here. ...more

Doug Zurn, Zurn Yacht Design. Photograph by Onne van der Wal

Doug Zurn, Zurn Yacht Design: What Makes a Boat Pretty, Part 3

When we talk about pretty boats, the name Doug Zurn has to enter the conversation. If you love classic Down East-style boats, then you’re familiar with the work of Zurn, the founder of Massachusetts-based Zurn Yacht Design, and the man behind yachts from MJM, CH Marine, Marlow Explorer, and many others. See what he says about making a boat pretty here. ...more


What Makes a Boat Pretty? Part 1

All boaters know what they like about the looks of a boat—any boat they see. But every boater has a few that make their hearts go all aflutter. It’s interesting to think about why… and to discuss it with the people who’s job it is to make the boats we see look the way they do. Read the first such discussion here. ...more


Honest as the Day Is Long

A square deal is square on all sides. Brokers know it, buyers know it, boat-sellers know it. And when it works the right way, everyone’s happy with the deal. ...more


Let’s Be Thankful

If the worst thing that happens to you is that you have “boats on the brain,” you’ve got it pretty good. See what we mean here. ...more


Three Tips to a Better Boat

In terms of caring for your boat, it’s tricky to decide what to do next, since there are so many options for upgrades and maintenance projects. ...more


The Way We Connect Now

Does your broker find ways to be effective and communicate in today’s fast-moving market? Herman Pundt of Hargrave Custom Yachts sure does. ...more

Don’t hesitate to check out the whole boat show—see what you may have missed. Photo Credit: Forest Johnson

Ready for the Big Show?

How will you ever approach a project as big as the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show? The scale of the event alone is daunting, regardless of the questions that arise as you work your way through the show. ...more

Sanlorenzo SL94

Insider Trading Up

I recently caught up with Marty Lowe, the interior designer, who has worked with numerous boat companies throughout her accomplished career. ...more

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