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Question Everything


“Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no fibs.” — Oliver Goldsmith, She Stoops to Conquer

Right now, you could choose to lie to yourself. If you’re in the throes of buying a boat, as with most emotional, financial, and logistical opportunities and challenges in life, the temptation is ever greater to pull the wool over your own eyes. Truthfully though, in these fraught, exciting moments, the effect of those lies is compounded. With interest.

The flipside of course, is to ask yourself the hard questions and be straight about the answers. Now I’m assuming you’ve squared away the whole can-I-afford-this-next-boat issue and spoken to your spouse and family as necessary regarding any sacrifices they will be required to make, so let’s dispense with that. If you haven’t, we’ll wait for you: Go to it.

<Pause here. The adults in the room can have a visit to the head or take a look at how their portfolios are doing.>

Okay now that that unpleasantness is out of the way. . . What kind of questions are you willing to face?

Questions such as: Am I willing to put the effort forth to care for this boat the right way?

Will I be able to use this boat with confidence and comfort?

Have I completed all the due diligence on this boat purchase so that I am protecting myself reasonably from the chance of a bad deal?

These are tough questions. It’s no wonder many boaters catch themselves in lies. But what you do about it is the most important part of this process. Speak to your broker about these concerns as early as you can in the process. If you’ve been truthful and upfront with him or her all along the way, you’ll have an understanding and you’ll make the right choices.

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