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Remembering Capt. Richard Thiel


Man, this life goes by quickly. And we never know when our time on this earth is going to end. That’s why we’re glad we spent as much of our time as we can on the water. There’s something immediate about it—something that forces us to live in the moment.

And so when a life is cut short, we take solace that if the person was a boater, at least he enjoyed his days to the full. And so we remember the life of Capt. Richard Thiel, who served as editor-at-large of our sister publication Power & Motoryacht, and understood the appeal of a life afloat as much as anyone. And after serving for 25 years as the editor-in-chief of that magazine, making it a resource for boaters with no equal, he continued in what would be his final post with the same vigor. One advantage: he could stick to the topics that most interested him: engines and efficiency.

Here are three articles (just recent examples of literally hundreds of such pieces) that are excellent examples of his insight and direct style.

What to Do if You Run Your Boat Aground

Like its author, this piece gets right to the point, and advises boaters on how to refloat their boats without causing further, more expensive damage.


Should You Have a Sound Shield on Your Generator

When you get to the heart of Thiel’s reasoned argument, you may understand the advantages of improving comfort onboard in a completely different way.


How Many Outboards Should Your Boat Have?

Thiel makes no secret of his appreciation for outboard motors, but that’s no surprise since such recognition extended to pretty much anything that makes boats go. But the technological leaps in outboards were sure to draw his attention. Still he looked at it with his scientific approach.

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