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The Shape of Things

This Paul Mann 63 from 2001 is listed by HMY Yacht Sales.

This Paul Mann 63 from 2001 is listed by HMY Yacht Sales.

Do you know why your boat runs the way it does? Do you like it the way it handles or are you looking for something “better” or different? Hull design is constantly evolving, amazing as it seems, considering men have gone down to the sea in ships for thousands of years. Computer drafting software today allows complex curves and shapes to be created and tweaked before the first inkling of a mold is created. Molds and methods are better than ever for making real the hull shapes designers envision.


So your next steps are simple. Know what you want, and understand what hull shape will get you closer to that result. If you can explain to your broker how you use your boat, and he or she knows what they’re doing, then you will be on your way to finding the right boat. If you like to drift fish and sit out there in a swell, there’s a boat that will be more stable for that. If you want to run hard in rough conditions, there’s a shape that works better for that, too. If you want to cruise far and wide, or go as fast as you can, there are boats that do those things too. And some better than others.


Know what you want your boat to do, and understand full well that you may want it to do more than one of these things—“compromise” is a word you should also know. And figure out how to explain it to a good broker, one who understands you. You’ll be happier with your boat and you’ll use her more and take better care of her.


The boat shown here is a 2001 Paul Mann 63 custom sportfisherman listed by Dave Berard at HMY Yacht Sales in Stuart, Florida.

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