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Three Tips to a Better Boat


Hey, we’re not all going to hop on our boats to circumnavigate the globe in the next six months, so settle down there, Magellan! But just like the cars you pass on the highway or the houses on your street, boats are maintained at different levels. And you definitely want your boat to be on the “well cared for” end of that spectrum. But it can be tricky to decide what to do next, since there are so many options for upgrades and maintenance projects. As part of an occasional service, we want to share a few ideas with you that can improve your boat and your onboard experience. Here are a few project ideas that are worth considering:

  1. Quit Whining

Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to loud noise is exhausting, and that includes the rumble from your boat engines. But it’s not all exhaust noise: One aspect that many people don’t realize is the sound level of the air getting sucked into the engine. A simple add-on from Walker Engineering may allow you to tone down the engine noise and the particularly exhausting “turbo whine” that doesn’t always get measured by basic sound meters. If you know how to tighten a hose clamp, you may be able to do this yourself. See more about the Walker High-Performance Air Filter Silencer here.

  1. Help for Hulls

Any boater will cringe when he hears the word “Osmotic…” because he just knows the next word is going to be “blistering.” Obviously it’s bad since it’s a specific condition mentioned in the warranties of many new boats. And we know it’s terrible largely because those same warranties actually cover it—it’s like the white whale of boat conditions. There’s a process that may be able to address the condition, if you can believe it. Check out the Hotvac Hull Cure system here.

  1. Point Her in the Right Direction

If you’re like me, you look at anything considered “no maintenance” with a bit of skepticism. And often if you really dig into the manuals on those pieces of equipment you find that there actually are things you can do to prolong the lifespan of good service and head off the need for replacement. When it’s something as important as your boat’s compass it’s worth having a closer look. Here’s how to take care of that precious navigation device the right way. If you think it may be something that can wait imagine for a moment steering by a compass that you’re not absolutely sure of. Then click here and learn about maintaining your compass.

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