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Three Ways to Think Differently


Some folks never stop looking for their next boat, while others can buy the boat of their dreams and just keep it forever. What kind of boater are you? And more importantly, what kind do you want to be? Here are three examples of boat to help you figure it out.

The first thing you need to think about is, What do you want to do with your boat? The idea is not to scare the hell out of yourself. But at the same time, if you want to see past the far horizon why are you buying a bowrider? This 1993 Derecktor motoryacht listed by Sarasota Yacht & Ship is a 114-footer (shown above). And she’s capable of cruising the world. The point is not necessarily to get the biggest boat, or the fastest boat, or the flashiest boat. But the boat you should get is the one that takes you to one place, and that place is: closer to where you want to be. Maybe that’s a custom steel-hulled expedition yacht (maybe you can’t afford that, so perhaps a proven single-engine trawler is your next search). Or maybe it’s that bowrider after all. Whatever works. Just be honest with yourself.


A Blackwell 61 Convertible is a custom Carolina-built sportfisherman—one of a class of thoroughbreds—this one is listed by Galati Yacht Sales. If you’re into fishing and like the lines, performance, or layout of this boat, she may be worth a look. But again, this is a custom build, so you’re seeing a boat that was originally designed and built for an owner. Some owners have fairly generic tastes (read: the boats they spec out retain their value) while others don’t. Only the market can determine that. If you’re going to hang onto her forever, who cares? If you’re not, this is a factor in deciding whether you want to buy this or a production sportfishing boat with more broad appeal. Beware: The thing about custom boats, they can hit you where you live and get under your skin. This is not just a mind game. Your heart can get into it.


The Cruisers Yachts 48 Cantius may be just what you’re looking for. This 2015 speciment is listed by HMY Yacht Sales and has a nice combination of speed, accommodation, ease of handling, and sleek appearance. She may be just what you’re after and you know there are folks waiting in the wings to snap her up if you get a wandering eye for your next boat. Some folks are always looking for the next big thing. What’s yours going to be? A motoryacht? A sportfish? Or just a bowrider that brings a smile to your face when you goose the throttle. There are no wrong answers here. Just so long as you keep asking yourself the right questions.


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