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What We Think About When We Think About Boats

The Baglietto MV13 evokes the look of a military patrol boat.

The Baglietto MV13 evokes the look of a military patrol boat.

Going to boat shows as I am wont to do always gets my juices flowing. That’s not a bad thing, but it makes me wonder where your concerns are.

Do you spend much time thinking about hull design, and engine size, and fuel efficiency? That’s what we folks who spend our days thinking about boats think you do. But you can’t all be doing the same thing. Do you concentrate on one aspect? Or even one part of one aspect?

Ever wonder what the people who build boats think about when they’re building a boat? I was looking at a new boat Yachts Miami Beach on Collins Ave. when the builder’s representative told me that the boat I was on—the very boat—was an owner boat and it was owned by a family that runs another boatbuilding company. Never occurred to me that a boatbuilder would own a boat other than what they build themselves. I guess I’m naïve. I guess it’s akin to expecting the CEO of Chevrolet to drive only Chevies. And boatbuilding is a business after all. But somehow I guess it was different than the auto business.

Consider international design leader Lapo Elkann helping Baglietto develop the MV13. You fully expect he has one. And he seems to, which makes sense—an endorsement, but a real one. If he didn’t, I feel like it would be like catching Michael Jordan on a playground hoops court wearing Adidas shoes. What do you think about that? Are you as naïve as I am?

And what about electronics? Do you spend time thinking about new systems and what they would do for the experience of driving your boat? Or do you think they’re very nice, but it would be silly to put them on your existing boat? Does the fact that it’s demonstrated on a hot new boat make you long for the wholesale change, instead of just the new 9-inch screen?

I wonder how you think about it.

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