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Hatteras 60 Convertible Survey Report

We spoke to Allen J. Dannewitz of Professional Marine Services in Hampton Bays, New York, about the Hatteras 60 Convertible. Here’s what he had to say.

“A lot of these older Hatterases that have sat in the water for a long period of time, and weren’t barrier-coated, may have a blistering problem below the waterline. It’s a very repairable condition, but it can be a costly repair.”
“They’re overbuilt—nice and heavy. All the work that Hatteras did was top notch. They have some real craftsmen there and they put together a nice boat. Good quality work.”
“The only area with these older boats where you do find some problems, in those days they used a lot of wood. The floors were done with plywood. There was wood inside some of the window-frame moldings and things like that. One of the things that I look for is any sign of water intrusion. The issues are all repairable—there’s not anything that a good boatyard can’t handle.”

Allen J. Dannewitz, Professional Marine Services, 631-728-1754;

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