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North Pacific 42 Pilothouse Survey Report

We spoke to Tom Eve of Eve Marine Surveyors in Savannah, Georgia, about the North Pacific 42 Pilothouse. Here’s what he told us.

• “The problems that I found were generally where I find problems: In the dark deep holes that are inaccessible, that people don’t really stuff themselves into. I found exhaust leaks, hose leaks, hydraulic leaks, but they were in areas that weren’t readily apparent if you were just sort of looking at the boat in a casual way. The boat was immaculate and I think I had maybe 25 recommendations on it or something like that, and of those probably ten of them were significant. But none of them sufficient for them not to go ahead and buy the boat.”

• “I was very surprised that it had almost no gelcoat exceptions—gelcoat is essentially pigmented polyester resin with no strength, subject to the type of resin it is. But this boat just looked great considering it had been cruising for that period of time. I didn’t see a bunch of gelcoat crazing and cracks.”

• “The woodwork is typically excellent, the wiring is generally very well run, very neat, very organized. So it’s a pleasure to look at it.”

• “Not the case with the North Pacific 42, but some builders have a tendency to build the same flaws into successive generations of boats to include substandard materials that they are aware of as being substandard. With years of background you can look at these vessels and predict what will fail first, where the construction flaws are, where the leaks will occur in the structure and the complication of adequate repairs that blend well. In trawlers this is most often found in the veneers around the deckhouse windows, pilothouse and companionway doors, windows, gelcoat crazing and cracks, and delamination in the decks.”

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