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Boat Reviews By AIM Marine Group

Donzi 3250

Some people take to boating at an early age. It seems as though it’s just in their blood. That was the case with Pete ... more

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Boat Buying Tips By Jason Y. Wood

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Buying and Selling Boats By Jason Y. Wood

Are You Thinking Globally?

By Jason Y. Wood

The whole world has an effect on what boats are available for you to buy. Are you using that to your advantage? See a ne... more

When Is the Right Time to Buy?

By Jason Y. Wood

Are you ready to get in the market? For three ways to think about what to do when it comes time to consider your next bo... more

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New Boat Buyers Guide By AIM Marine Group

ek36z Action Shot 8-22-_fmt

Play Time

The MJM 36z Downeast has a profile that lingers in the workboat realm while belying some forward-thinking design. ... more

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