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Boat Reviews By AIM Marine Group

Riviera 48

Riviera was a name unfamiliar to many Americans — especially those on the East Coast — when the 48 landed on our sho... more

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Boat Buying Tips By Jason Y. Wood

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Buying and Selling Boats By Jason Y. Wood

Protected: Let’s Be Thankful

By Jason Y. Wood

If the worst thing that happens to you is that you have “boats on the brain,” you’ve got it pretty good. See what ... more

Three Tips to a Better Boat

By Jason Y. Wood

In terms of caring for your boat, it’s tricky to decide what to do next, since there are so many options for upgrades ... more

The Way We Connect Now

By Jason Y. Wood

Does your broker find ways to be effective and communicate in today’s fast-moving market? Herman Pundt of Hargrave Cus... more

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New Boat Buyers Guide By AIM Marine Group

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