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Boat Reviews By AIM Marine Group

Nordic Tug 37

The switch from sail to power can mark a sea change in a boating life. It comes with both foreseen and unforeseen conseq... more

Bertram 38 convertible

John Howell is old school. His great-grandfather was a ship’s captain, his father was a Long Island, N.Y., bayman, and... more

Boston Whaler 16/17

The original, unsinkable, unmistakable Boston Whaler 16 (shown) was first introduced in 1961.... more

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Boat Buying Tips By Jason Y. Wood

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Buying and Selling Boats By Jason Y. Wood

Help Out the Helpers

By Jason Y. Wood

The Coast Guard Foundation offers a way for boaters to give back to the men and women who serve in the U.S. Coast Guard ... more

Room for Improvement

By Jason Y. Wood

Every boat for sale has its high points. That said, every boat also has its low points, areas where we need to focus our... more

Selling Your Boat? Sleep on It

By Jason Y. Wood

The idea for this blog started off being about selling your boat, and the ways you can make it more appealing to a buyer... more

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New Boat Buyers Guide By AIM Marine Group

ek36z Action Shot 8-22-_fmt

Play Time

The MJM 36z Downeast has a profile that lingers in the workboat realm while belying some forward-thinking design. ... more

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