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Post 50 Survey Report

We spoke to Barnaby Blatch of Atlantic Marine Survey in Mystic, Connecticut, about the Post 50. Here’s what he told us.

“From a surveyor’s point of view, a recent Post 50 is not likely to have any hull or cosmetic issues. People who own half-million-dollar boats keep them in good condition. So I would test for anomalies or damage in the hull and running gear, but I wouldn’t expect to find any.”

“An engine survey either by an accredited engine surveyor or by the distributor of the engine make in question can show that maintenance has been neglected, not everything has been done according to manufacturer’s specifications in terms of replacement of filters, heat exchangers, and so forth.”

“Old hoses for fuel, water, or waste are quite frequently an issue. Routine maintenance of sea cocks is often an issue.”

“Looking at the electrical panel boards on a Post 50 you’ll see a very large installation and in the older Posts you’ll see the 12-volt DC and 120- or 220-volt systems all on the same panel board, just inviting a disaster for some technician who is in a hurry and not being careful. So if you have that situation you must have protection put over the AC parts on the panel board.”

Atlantic Marine Survey, (860) 536-4354;


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