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Sea Ray 390 survey report

Power & Motoryacht spoke to John Russell of Marine Specialists in Winthrop Harbor, Illinois, about the Sea Ray 390 Express Cruiser. (Full disclosure: Russell owns a Sea Ray 390 Sportfisher.) Here’s what he told us.

  • “On that era Sea Ray, you have to pay very close attention to the decks. I’ve found quite a few of them that, where the windlasses are mounted, the deck had actually rotted away underneath.
  • “Water leaks can cause another big issue that I see — mold and mildew. Check forward and aft compartments like anchor lockers to see if they’ve been cleaned. If they’re clean, 90 percent of the time the owner has kept up with maintenance too.
  • “Watch the stuffing boxes to make sure they’re just a steady drip, not a continual leak.
  • “Watch your grounding wires, your grounding cables. It’s the ground that connects all your metal components together, and connects all your anodes to those components so you don’t get electrolysis corrosion. On these older boats, you find where terminals have corroded off, or people have stepped on them or broken them. Paying close attention to the bonding system is critical.”
  • “Pay close attention to distributor caps, spark-plug wires, spark plugs, impellers, filters. Make sure they’ve been replaced recently. That’s going to tell you if the owner’s been taking care of his boat.”

Marine Specialists, 847-731-1400

Click here for a look at the Sea Ray 390.

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