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Selling Tip: Look at Your Boat with Fresh Eyes


Chris Lombardi, Lombardi Yacht Sales

It’s just like with real estate: You wouldn’t try to sell your house if the beds weren’t made and the dishes were dirty. People have to fall in love with the boat when they get to it. You’ve got one chance to make a good first impression. And if you don’t take the opportunity to make the good impression, the likelihood of you selling this boat is not good, know what I mean? So it’s really important that everything be up to speed. With the boats I have for sale, I like to do a presurvey. I’ll go in and do a survey myself, not with a surveyor, but I’ll check everything out and then we’ll make notes of anything that needs to be addressed—that we can take care of prior to an offer or a survey. You don’t want to wait until survey time. The fewer things that show up the better off you are.

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