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Selling Tip: Survey the Boat Yourself

Peter Whiting, Northwest Yachts

Peter Whiting, Northwest Yachts

I recommend to sellers that they may want to invest in having a survey done on their boat prior to a buyer coming, so that they are fully aware of everything that needs to be taken care of. They have an opportunity to take care of anything that comes up, before an offer comes in on the boat—they’re not blindsided. It’s a big difference to a seller to find out the things that need to be handled, and it’s a lot different to find out on their own in a controlled environment with a surveyor that they’ve hired. Hire a good surveyor: This is not a survey necessarily to use for marketing, but rather one to let the owner of the boat know exactly what he’s got. Then he can fix or price the boat accordingly. Too often when you get an offer on the boat, then there’s a survey, and the survey results come back and everybody’s kind of in this critical psychological place at that point and they’re vulnerable. Emotions run high and deals can fall apart, and you’re just better off to have all this stuff out in the open up front before you get into that situation.

— Peter Whiting, Northwest Yachts


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