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Stick with Your Broker

Peter Whiting, Northwest Yachts

Peter Whiting, Northwest Yachts

A purchaser should find a broker that they can relate to and relate with, and trust, and then stick with them. Too often in today’s market somebody calls a broker, who does a lot of work, and then the buyer ends up calling a third-party broker directly. So the broker that did all the work kind of gets cut out of the deal. If people find someone they can trust and then stick with them, that broker will stay with you and will work hard to help you find the boat that’s best for you. Because the Internet today is so easy, boat buyers get surfing at night and make inquiries, and then, even though they may want to stay with their original broker, the firm that they inquired with may not want to work with the broker—it just muddies up the water.

— Peter Whiting, Northwest Yachts


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