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Viking 35 survey report

We spoke to Jack Morman of Morman Marine Surveyors in Detroit, Michigan, about the Viking 35. Here’s what he told us:

“On that boat there are a couple issues that have to be looked at carefully. One, the hull is wood-cored. That may raise its ugly head if water intrusion got into the core. That boat would have to be sounded carefully and moisture-metered and in some cases even infrared scanned if there’s a concern about that.”

“Another big concern is that a 1980s vintage boat, a Viking has fiberglass fuel tanks, and more than likely it’s gas engines [on the Great Lakes]. And the concern there is ethanol fuel in fiberglass tanks. And that’s showing up more and more, and that would be a big concern to be sure either you don’t use ethanol fuel or that the tanks aren’t fiberglass.”

“On that particular boat, there’s many times an issue with the bulkhead underneath the door wall between the base of the aft bulkhead in the cabin and the hull. And many times you see deterioration in that bulkhead at the top. Especially in the doorwall area, where water has leaked down through the track of the doorwall into the bulkhead.”

“Electrical is basically 33 years old and one of the issues as boats age, electronics get changed quite often, and in the changing of the electronics the old electrical is not removed. And it becomes a little bit of a nightmare trying to figure out the wiring on a 30-year-old boat that may have had two or three different radars and probably a Loran that’s been thrown away and a few VHF radios. So the electrical can be a big issue too— it’s very difficult to trace the wiring.”

“Many times we’ve seen non-electricians have installed additional 110-volt outlets throughout the boat using Romex wiring. And of course it has to be boat cable, which is flexible cable. And many, many times we find boats with Romex in them and that’s just not allowed. We find soldered connections, we find wire-nut connectors that are meant for single-wire connection and boat cable is a multiple-wire conductor. The connectors are an issue.”

“Obviously the cutless bearings have to be inspected carefully.”

Morman Marine Surveyors, 586-469-3898;

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